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We explored ways to enable teachers to teach on their mobile devices and break themselves away from the physical podium stand in the classroom! This possibility for you to do ‘mobile teaching’ means that you can interact more with students while you talk and present. In other words, you can now control the computer (such as surfing the web or showing a ppt) anywhere in the classroom rather than having to stay fixed at the podium. The talking and presenting can be done by the students too and what you need to do is handing over the control (i.e. the mobile device) to students. In this way, the lesson can be more student-centred.

There are two solutions now.

Solution ONE is a VNC-based technology. The solution enables you to control the classroom computer wirelessly from your mobile device such as iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab in the classroom. VNC-host and VNC-client applications have to be installed on the classroom computer and teacher’s mobile devices respectively. Disadvantages of this method include requirement of certain amount of technical skills in setting up and the reactions between the mobile device and the classroom computer can be slow sometime. Please contact our team if you would like to learn more.

Solution TWO involves the use of Apple TV in classrooms. Teachers ‘airplay’/ ‘mirror’ their mobile devices to the classroom projections through the Apple TV box. The advantage of it is fast connection and reaction time but teachers’ devices are limited to Apple hardware only. Apple TV are already installed in a number of CUHK classrooms by AVSU for early-adopters of this strategy to pilot the use in real teaching. Please view this page for more details: http://www.avsu.cuhk.edu.hk/home/wsn.html


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