Wireless internet access (e.g. Wi-Fi/3G/GPRS) is advantageous to mobile learning and teaching. The compatibility (especially for mobile phones) with Mobile Java (Java ME) is another important feature for these devices to be more flexible and to handle more complicated tasks. In these devices, users can install Java applications to greatly extend functionalities.

Wi-Fi connectivity on-campus

Wi-Fi connectivity off-campus

Service providers

Enquiry hotlines

Setup instructions on service provider websites


2880 – 2688

Online enquiry currently unavailable


3162 – 3333

Online enquiry currently unavailable

PCCW mobile


Click here

1010/ one2free/ NW Mobility

2512 – 3123

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China Mobile Hong Kong

2945 – 8888

Click here (PDF document)

ATTENTION: Accessing mobile learning websites / tools on mobile using GPRS, 3G or HSDPA may involve transferring large amounts of data. Your service provider may charge for the data transmission.